Angela And Tom Dream Wedding

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A great event is approaching in the Talking Friends world! Tom and Angela are going to get married and throw a great party on this occasion. But there is one problem that you need to urgently deal with. The heroes do not have their wedding outfits! Do you have enough design skills to help them? Then take on a new role – become a personal stylist of Angela and Tom.

First of all, select an elegant suit for the groom. Do not forget to add charming details that will make him look stunning! And get ready for even more work with the bride. You know that her dress must be exclusive and immaculate. You will find a thrilling choice in the menu, and your task is to combine all elements so skillfully that Angela can overshadow everyone around! Do your best to make the characters look thrilling on their most important day. You will surely cope with this task!

Make Angela the most stunning bride!

You will have to dress up the heroine from scratch. You will see several things to be taken. First of all, select her underwear. Then try on all the dresses available in the menu – this day is important for Angela and she wants to literally shine! There are also other accessories here – a veil, hair decoration, and even a bunch of flowers! The choice is wonderful, and it now depends only on your stylistic skills whether you will manage to combine all the things to create the most winning outcome. Do not hesitate to experiment until you are fully happy!

Now deal with Tom

Do not forget that the gloom also needs to be attractive and handsome! The hero is also very worried before this great event. So do not leave him on his own – help him find the best suit for his wedding. And also remember about a bowtie! This entertainment is going to be especially interesting for little girls who love to spend hours on various dressing activities. Furthermore, you can match the available clothes and accessories as you wish – there are no restrictions here. Create several options if you have doubts – then you will be able to choose the best one! You will love this game!

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