Angela Design With Me Winter Sweater

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The main character of the game is a white cat, which has recently become a mother. She is not very good at her work and that is a hard time feeding her baby properly with the right food. Therefore, she needs the help of the player. It is necessary to choose from a list of products useful and necessary for the baby. There are also harmful products. They should not be given to the child, otherwise, he will get sick. In this case, the player can lose because the child gets sick.

Help Angela with sweater design

One day, the heroine decided to find some hobby for long winter evenings. She considered many different activities and still stopped her choice on clothing design! The cute cat decided to make her own sweater. Will you help the heroine realize this plan? You will need to check the menu – there are several designs available there. You can select the one you like best or check all of them in turn until you find the most successful option. Everyone knows this character has excellent taste and is very fussy about fashion and style. So your ultimate task is to make Angela fully happy with her winter sweater! So make sure you have followed the latest trends! Do not worry about making something wrong – you will have clear instructions here on how to complete a sweater for your personage!

Make your character look stunning!

But it will not be enough to select only one item. The cat heroine loves to look immaculate from top to toe. So there is still much work to be done. First of all, you need to apply makeup on her face. You will see a wide selection of all beauty products to make her look really attractive. You will also have to spend some time on her hairdo! Angela has wonderful hair but you should arrange it nicely and stylishly. And do not forget about decorations – you will have access to a collection of earrings and necklaces. Try them all and select the ones that best match the style of Angela. Little girls will love this cute activity – they will be able to create as many images of their favorite cat as they wish. You can even make print screens of the most successful variants and share them with your friends. Have fun with fashionable Angela!

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