Baby Talking Tom Hair Salon

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The main character is a talkative vat that decided to visit the hair salon. The player is a stylist so they need to help the cat to look stylish. There is a wide variety of different hairstyles in the game, so the player can pick up any of them. The player washes the cat’s hair, after that, they dry the hair with a fan and use the brush for it. Then the player clicks on any of the hairstyles so the cat gets it. The game can be repeated lots of times so the player can try other styles.

Have fun with lovely Tom!

The game menu is very simple and will be convenient even for the youngest players. Just look at the screen – you will see a lot of icons to both sides of it. If you press on the image of a hair drier – you will activate this device and can dry the cat’s hair. There are many devices to give a special effect to your hair – you can make it wavy or ideally straight. And if you are not happy with the length of your hair – there is also a solution for it. If you click on scissors – you will be able to trim the ends of his messy hair or even cut it short. Before you make a cut – you will see a dotted line of it. You can move it as you wish and enjoy a new haircut! There are no restrictions here – you can experiment with different styles and shapes until you are happy with the result. You will love the process! And when everything is done and you and the cat are happy, do not forget to add a few accessories to make the look exclusive! If you are not satisfied with the outcome – do not worry, you can start anew!

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