Ben And Kitty Photo Session

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A cat and a cat want to get married, but first, they need to take beautiful pictures at a photoshoot. The player must help them with this. It is necessary to choose appropriate outfits and accessories for them. There is a huge closet, among which you can easily choose the right outfit. For example, the cat should choose a beautiful dress and bouquet. And the cat should be dressed in a tuxedo or a tailcoat. After that, it is necessary to take a photo and save the result to your computer or phone.

Take the best picture ever!

You will soon see yourself that it is not so easy to come up with fabulous photos, especially when they are devoted to such a grand event! You have to spend enough time on the preparation to get the desired result. A newly-married couple is already wearing wedding outfits – so make sure you take the best picture ever that will keep bringing bright memories of this wonderful day. But wait, take a minute to study the menu – you will find a lot of additional accessories that allow to take a wide range of additional photos of these lovely cats! Dress up the bride in other stunning dresses, select a bouquet to match it and find appropriate shoes. The same goes for the groom – you will see fancy bowties, shoes and suits for him. There are so many options to experiment with that you will be able to take dozens of amazing photos! Kids will adore this engaging activity where they are allowed to use their creativity!

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