Cat Runner

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Welcome to an endless runner where the main character is a well-known cat from Talking Friends. Tom plans to return to his hometown and meet old friends. But when he arrives, he is shocked to find put that the place is in ruins and his friends are missing! Now Tom needs to participate in the run and collect enough coins to restore everything around and his house in particular. The path is full of all kinds of traps and barriers. So you need to help the hero run, jump and even slide not to be stopped by an obstacle. Pick up every gold piece you meet on your way. Once you have enough funds, start rebuilding your house room by room. Every time, you complete a new room, you will unlock a new character. You can also earn a lot of power-ups during the run.

Catch the thief!

Of course, you will not run without a purpose. The ultimate goal is to catch the thief. This antagonist is stealing coins from other characters and you must stop it at any cost. The main thing is to have time to turn, jump, bend down and grab only the most valuable bonuses you meet on your way. All you need to do is to carefully watch what obstacle is in front of you and then quickly decide on what step your hero must take. Controls are very easy in this game. If you play from your smartphone – it is enough to swipe in the right direction. Note your speed will be increasing as you progress, so you need to be very agile. But your bonuses will also grow! Have fun and make sure Tom completes his missions!

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