FNF: Speed Vs Ben (Confronting Yourself)

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Every FNF mod brings new characters and adventures. But this time, the story will be really special. The thing is that you will not see a traditional participant in a new musical confrontation. Boyfriend is replaced by Speed, a famous YouTuber and game streamer. But who is going to be his opponent in this episode? You will be surprised to find out it is Ben from the popular Talking Friends series. You will be impressed to learn that this cute dog can sing and dance pretty well! Speed interacted with Ben before but they were never competitors. Now things have changed and their roles too. The two heroes will have to meet in the dancing arena and show their best musical talents! Whom will you support? Actually, it is up to you who is your character! But you will have to dance as hard as you can to repeat the rhythm without a single mistake.

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