FNF Vs Talking Ben The Dog

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Musical contests in the FNF world has become so popular that characters from other online games got keen on testing their dancing skills. Even Ben from Talking Friends decided to give it try. You know well that this charismatic dog can do a lot of things really well. So what about singing and dancing? This is what you are going to see soon. But it is better for Boyfriend not to risk as he may lose too much.

You should support the blue-haired hero in a new confrontation. The task looks simple but you should remember and follow the main rule –dance strictly to the rhythm of the music. There is only one song in this mod but is rather difficult. So get yourself to the music and prove that you can easily catch every single beat! Dance as well as you can to surprise even Talking Ben. It is going to be a tense duel but you must win at any cost!

Follow the floating arrows!

When the music is on, you will see four colored arrows on the screen. These are floating right above the head of the character. These will reflect the rhythm of the music. Your task is simple – you need to press a relevant arrow to catch every beat of the song. Your hero will have a progress bar. When you start the duel, it will be green. But if you miss the notes, it will eat your energy. Too many mistakes will turn the bar into red and it will mean that the game is over for you. Do your best to avoid this outcome – listen to the music attentively and dance to the rhythm with no random moves!

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