Funny Moments with Talking Ben

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The main character of the game is a dog that can do different tricks. The player can touch him to make him sing, talk, dance, and so on. The dog makes different sounds depending on where he was touched – head, leg, paw. The dog also copies the voice of the player, if the last touched the phone near the dog. There is a laboratory in the game where the dog can conduct experiments with various liquids. Also, he can attend the TV show where he will fight the cat, sing, and dance.

Learn chemistry with Ben!

Today, the hero is retired, lives alone and his favorite activity is reading a newspaper in a comfortable armchair. Ben gets so engaged in reading that it will be a struggle to attract his attention. But once you manage to start a dialog with this lovely dog, you will learn a lot of interesting things. It is a surprise, but Ben used to be a chemistry professor in the past. He is still in love with this subject and even has a special laboratory in his house. If you are interested to conduct some experiments with different substances, Ben will gladly take you to the laboratory and teach you what you can mix and what you should avoid. Actually, this dog is sometimes very lonely, and he will be happy to have you as a companion. He will support cozy conversations – you can ask him any question you like about his family and hobbies. Ben will provide funny answers, and you will just have a great time together. Interact with your virtual friend right now!

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