Talking Ben 2

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You have surely heard about Talking Friends and maybe even played with Tom the cat. But this time your new virtual pet is going to be a dog! And it is not an occasional personage – you will meet a true professor of chemistry! Ben is very intelligent but now he is retired and is not against making new acquaintances and having some fun! So you will see Ben sitting in a chair in his house and reading a newspaper. He loves to spend time this way. And how to attract his attention? Just touch him slightly and he will immediately stop reading. Now you can start asking Ben different things – he will gladly provide answers to your questions. But note that the god is stubborn enough. If he does not like you – his behavior is not predictable. But we will give you one useful hint. Ben is still fond of chemistry and keeps his private laboratory in a working state. And if you ask him to show you around this lovely place, he will not be able to refuse. Here, you will find a lot of jars with different substances and chemicals. You can ask Ben to show how it all works. Be sure the dog will be happy to demonstrate you different experiments. Sometimes, be prepared even for an unexpected explosion if you mix wrong ingredients. But also, you will learn a lot of interesting things that will be useful in real life. Other than that, Ben will highly appreciate if you help him with his everyday routine – give him food in time, remind him to visit the bathroom, take his medicines and go to bed not too late. He will become your true virtual friend, and you will have lots of joyous moments together!

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