Talking Ben

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Hurry up to meet a new character from Talking Friends. This time, it is Talking Ben, a professor of chemistry. Actually, it is only a dog but this hero is truly intelligent. Do you want to talk to him? He will gladly share his knowledge with you! Are you keen on continuing? Then let’s get in touch with Ben! To talk to him, you just need to call him. How to do it in an online game? To attract his attention, it is enough to touch his feet or the newspaper that he constantly keeps in his hands. That very moment the dog will put down the newspaper, and you should not miss this moment to start a conversation. One of the options is to make Ben repeat everything you say. Do not forget to record your conversation and share it with friends. The character will pronounce all your words in a very funny voice, and it will be great to listen to it and laugh! Besides that, Ben still keeps his chemical laboratory in a working state. And if you are interested in various experiments, he will gladly share everything he knows in the subject! So make sure to visit his laboratory. You will find a lot of weird substances that can be mixed with each other. But be very careful as you never know the potential outcome. If you are lucky enough, your mixture will not instantly explode. You will go through many thrilling adventures with inventive professor and will learn a lot of useful things. The project allows you even to record some experiments and demonstrate them to your friends and other players. But do not forget that your new virtual pet sometimes feels very lonely, and he will be happy if you can devote some attention to him. If you want your pet to be always happy, control that he has enough food to eat and water to drink. This aspect of the game is especially useful and interesting for young children. They will learn whether they will have enough patience for having a real animal at home. The entertainment comes with a lot of interesting mini-games that will bring you enough positive moments. The cute dog will react to your every action. Sometimes, Ben will call his best friend – Tom the cat, and in other cases, you can ask him questions – he will gladly tell you different details about his life. This interactive game will be appreciated by both adults and children. The interaction brings fun and positive charge. Start playing with Ben right now and forger about everyday stress!

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