Talking Ginger

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If you enjoyed a series of online games with funny pets like Talking Tom or Talking Ben, you will be delighted to know about new entertainment in this genre. This is Talking Ginger, a project similar to its famous predecessors. This time, you will meet a cute red kitten. This lovely character is very tiny and needs someone to look after him. Are you ready to get a new virtual friend and devote enough time to him? Ginger will not be able to cope with everyday routine without your help. You must guide him through all basic procedures in a playful way. There are many activities you can enjoy together with your new pet. You can talk to him, and Ginger will respond to you. He will also be able to repeat all your words in a funny voice. You will have to feed him in time. Also, the little pet needs enough sleep – watch for him to go to bed. But before that, you need to help him perform all procedures – take the kitten to the bathroom, wash the kitten, help him clean his tooth and put on his pyjamas.

Once you notice your cat gets sad, there is a way to cheer him up – you can stroke and tickle him. And your friend will immediately giggle in response. Of course, you can play lots of other games with your virtual friend – have a nice time with puzzles or just run around with a roll of toilet paper. You know, cats adore attention! The project comes with an interesting feature – you will be able to watch Ginger’s dreams and even collect an exciting image collection of his dreams. This entertainment is especially recommended for little kids. Young players will learn a lot of useful things playing with Ginger. First of all, they will find out how to care for pets. Also, they will definitely want to repeat the same actions as the kitten, for example, teeth brushing. This way, kids will absorb a lot of information and develop good habits. You will enjoy exciting mini-games that will take on engaging adventures together with your pet. Lots of fun is awaiting you in this lovely online entertainment. Start the acquaintance with your new pet right now and enjoy this great interaction to the fullest. Ginger will add something new and positive to your life every day! Do not forget to record funny videos and share these with your friends! Have tons of fun!

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