Talking Tom Funny Time

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In the game, the player can play with a talking cat, which will perform various tricks. The cat is able to speak and repeat after the player his words in a funny voice. The player can also touch the cat. If the player touches his paw, head, leg, body, or fur, he will make sounds. For example, if the user hit him, he will scream, and if you pet him, he will purr. To play the game one needs only a mouse, touchpad, or sensor screen. The game has no plot, but the player can interact with a pet in any way.

Interact with your virtual pet!

Players always ask what they can do with this cute cat. Actually, Talking Tom feels a bit lonely and bored. And this cat will be happy to start a new acquaintance. The friendship with this virtual pet can be unbelievably exciting. You can have a lot of fun activities with the cat. There is a special feature which will make the character repeat everything you said. But he will do it in a very funny pitch of the voice, making you laugh! You can tickle him, and will respond with the special purring sounds. But do not try to bring any harm to the hero, otherwise, he will scream out loudly! You can enjoy various activities with this cute cat. He is more than adventurous and will support any creative idea of the player!

Make fun with other talking friends!

You know that Tom is not the only talking pet you can find online. It is a series of games, where you can meet funny Ben and cute Angela. Your character will meet some of them in this entertainment. But if it is a dog, you should know these two personages do not often get along too well and can play different tricks to irritate each other. There are a lot of funny mini-games that will immediately improve your mood and bring a pile of positive emotions. You can just have a cozy dialog here and ask whatever you want about the life of a virtual pet. The game will be adored by children who dream about a pet. There is no any special mission here, and you can enjoy this entertainment just whenever you find a free moment for it.

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