Talking Tom Gold Run

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A great obstacle course is inviting you to have fun with your favorite hero! Talking Tom is in trouble – this lovely character has discovered he was robbed. Everything he had was gone! The cat is really furious and going to run after the thieves. But the road in front of him is full of sorts of obstacles. The only good thing is that Tom will be able to get some gold bars and coins as he runs forward. Help this lovely cat to collect every single golden coin on his way. He needs to get enough money to build the house of his dreams. During this hectic chase, the hero will be able to get some upgrades. Tom can come across a skateboard, a rocket and even a magical carpet! Besides, you will need to master different styles of run and even skillful jumping to complete your mission successfully. Do all in your power to help the hero catch the criminals!

Run wisely!

Even if your personage is going to face a lot of barriers, you can skillfully guide him through all these hurdles. All controls are more than simple. You just need to slide your finger to the left or right on the screen. It will enable the hero to move from one side to another. If you move the finger up or down, Talking Tom will either jump or slide across a particular barrier. Even if these actions are very basic, you will have to be very agile not to miss an obstacle on your way – you will see a lot of trucks, fences, walls, and other things that can bring damage to you. Be very attentive no to miss a booster that will improve your running qualities! You will also see safes on your road – open these and find clothes, gold, dynamite and other useful items.

Upgrade your character

Actually, you can play not only for Tom in this online game. The menu offers you to choose from eight different personages. So you can run for Angela, Ben and other talking friends. Each of them has the same task – to collect as much gold as possible and rebuild their houses. You will get access to different maps, making this adventure more interesting. Every day, you will have to complete different tasks – it will allow you to get different improvements for your hero. Moreover, this game allows you to reach your friends through the social networks, and this interaction makes it really enjoyable! So start this thrilling run to see how much gold you will be able to collect and build the house of your dream! Players of all ages will adore this entertainment.

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