Talking Tom Hidden Stars

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The Talking Friends series has gained huge popularity among players of all ages. It is great fun to interact with lovely pets that can easily communicate with you. This new adventure is about Tom. But we will return to the times when this smart cat was still a kitten. Little Tom is fond of painting and he has lots of lovely pictures. But this time, the hero will have not a drawing task. He will have to look through his works and find the hidden stars here. Will you join the kitten to help him complete this challenge successfully? You need to be both very attentive and fast to find all the star images. The thing is the time for this quest is limited and you really need to be maximally focused. But the process is very enjoyable as all other games with cute pets from this lovely project! You will surely love this funny interaction!

Will you find all the stars?

There are six levels in this exciting entertainment. Every time, you need to find ten stars. It will not be an easy task to identify so many hidden objects when the seconds are ticking so fast. Moreover, if you mistakenly click on the wrong object, you will lose even more time. Every mistake will reduce your time by five minutes. So you need to rush wisely. Once a new image is in front of you, do not panic. Take a few moments to study the picture and then start clicking on stars! This game is a perfect workout for your logical skill – start playing it now to sharpen your attentiveness!

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