Talking Tom Kinder Surprise

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Do you know that Talking Tom is a real sweet-tooth? And his favorite treat is kinder surprise eggs! The hero has learned about a thrilling adventure that was prepared for him by loving Angela. She has announced a great egg hunt. There are 10 chocolate eggs she had hidden around the house. Tom will need to scan everything around to find them. So help the cute character to find them all. Once you come across the egg, remove the wrap as fast as possible and eat gentle chocolate. Now it is time to see what toy is hidden inside – click on the yellow container to play with it! You have to move fast as Angela will soon return home from the store. Will you help Tom find everything she has prepared for him? Be very attentive not to miss anything and do all you can to make this smart hero happy! Join this thrilling hunt without delay.

Get a cool toy collection!

It is not only chocolate that attracts the hero in kinder surprise eggs. He is also fond of tiny toys hidden inside. Moreover, this time, all of them come with the most popular characters from the famous cartoons. You should join Talking Tom as every level has time restriction. If you fail to discover all the eggs in time, you will have to restart everything from the very beginning. So let’s get started. The main personage is already full of anticipation to see what his future collection of toys will look like! Will you make this smart cat happy? The game is accessible from any gadget – just enjoy it to the fullest!

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