Talking Tom Piano Time

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Everyone knows Talking Tom is a smart cat and can easily do lots of thrilling things. But did you know that he can play the piano? Yes, it seems this character is more than talented! But now Tom needs to use his musical skill to impress the lovely lady. The thing is that our hero has madly fallen in love! And he is going to play for the lady of his heart. But Tom is more than worried and needs your support not to fail his performance. Only you can arrange the whole evening properly. You will see the piano keys on the screen in front of you – now it is your task to create a melody to melt the heart of Tom’s girlfriend. Press the keys in turn and they will produce charming sounds. Make sure you come up with something really romantic! Young players will adore the possibility to help their favorite character. Start this exciting entertainment right now!

Game features

This online entertainment is very simple but it comes with a lot of funny features. You can change the musical instrument – there are several options available. You can select different accessories for the cat and the lady of his heart. You can dress up the hero using a cap, sports shoes and even a bowtie and glasses. There are even ways to decorate the room where Talking Tom is going to play the piano! Once you have arranged all these things, it is time to hit the keys and impress everyone around. Play as well as you can to attract the attention of the lady Tom is in love with! It is going to be fun!

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