Talking Tom

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This thrilling interactive game was released long ago but it does not seem to lose its popularity over years. So who is Talking Tom and why does this character keeps attracting millions of players every day? It is a cat that will become your virtual pet. You will now need to care for this cute animal. Are you ready to devote some of you time to a new friend? Then let’s get started! A player is offered to adopt a cute cat named Tom. There is no any specific goal in this entertainment – you just look after the pet and try to please him in every possible way. The key point is to ensure that your cat always remains healthy and in a good mood and shape. To achieve this, you will have to feed him on time, take him to the toilet, select nice clothes for him, clean the house and try to cheer up the furry animal in many ways.

This is the only way to transform a small kitten into a grown up cat. But if you forget about your new friend even for a few days, you find him dirty, hungry, sick and very upset. Surely, you will not be happy to see your cat like, even if your pet is only a virtual character. In addition to all these activities, the game allows you to customize your hero. You will find more than a thousand different combinations available, which you can use to make your cute hero really exclusive. However, the everyday routine repeats all the time, and you may sooner or later be bored. But the developers have thought about it in advance and added lots of mini-games with thrilling tasks and quests. One of the most exciting ways of interaction is to communicate with Talking Tom. Tom can repeat your phrases in a really funny way which will make you laugh! He will also respond to touches on his tail and paws. You can stroke, tickle and even beat the hero! Tom will always react with funny sounds! And the cat can also follow the movement of your hands – check it by swiping your finger across the screen of your device and your friend will immediately react to it! So if you have always dreamt of a pet – start with this game. It will show you whether you are ready for this step in real life. Make your life much brighter with smart Tom – you will enjoy this acquaintance!

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