Flappy Talking Tom

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The game is a crossover of two games. The main character is a talkative cat that decided to fly in the sky a bit. So it took its flying backpack and asked the player to help him. The player needs to tap the screen in different ways – with their mouse, touchpad, or a sensor screen. The cat will fly up every time the player taps the screen, but it also will fastly go down in a second. There are many obstacles that the cat should not collapse in. Additionally, it should collect the stars to get bonuses.

Help Tom to set a record!

The lovely cat is full of ambitious plans now and anticipates a lot of fun! No wonder – everyone would feel the same with this magic backpack. But the hero needs to demonstrate some achievements to impress everyone around. But as you may guess, Tom is not a very skilled pilot yet. Usually, cats do not fly! So you need to join him and help him not to fail this thrilling adventure. You will need to keep the hero in the air and slip into empty gaps between obstacles whenever you see them in front of you. If you think for too long, the cat will fall down from the height and crash. Collect airplanes and other bonuses that will help you in critical situations. The ultimate task is to maintain the cat in the air for as long as you can and achieve the highest possible score. The gameplay may seem difficult at first but it is very engaging – both girls and boys will love to fly with adorable Tom. Join now to have incredible fun!

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