Talking Baby Ginger

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The main character of the game is a kitten that needs some care. The player will be its babysitter. The kitten has some needs like hunger, a toilet, and many others. The player has to feed the child, wash it, dry its fur, etc. There are different types of food and each day the kitten will wish for the other. Additionally, it is important to play games and pet the kitten. At night, the player should read the fairytale and switch the light off. If everything is done right, the child will be happy.

How to play?

This game was designed to please the smallest players who love to have fun with all animals. Therefore, the developers made everything in a very simple way. On the screen, you will see all the options you can activate here – just press on the icon with a shower and your kitten will immediately will go to the shower. If you choose the icon with a hair drier, little Ginger will feel a flow of warm air over its body. Your virtual pet loves to play – and you can enjoy various mini-games with the kitten. For example, Ginger can be given toilet paper rolls to unfold or asked to brush its teeth following a special timer. There are many exciting activities to experience in this wonderful project. Little players will adore this interaction with a lovely pet, especially if they have no animals at home. Talking Baby Ginger will keep your kids busy for hours! Besides, this project will tell children more about pet care! Have fun!

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