FNF: Speed Vs Ben Sings No-Friends

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Speed and Talking Ben will meet again in a new FNF mod. A well-known YouTuber decided to test his strengths in the FNF musical battles. But he did not expect to see Talking Ben in the dancing arena. Only yesterday, he was peacefully interacting with this cute dog but today they are rivals! The task remains traditional for the FNF universe. The heroes need to demonstrate their best dancing skills. For this, they will have to listen to an unfamiliar soundtrack and try to repeat its rhythm without mistakes. There are arrow symbols above the head of each participant, and you will need to press the keys to match the main beats of the music. So decide whom you will support and do your best to catch the notes with no mistakes! There is only one song in this mod – No Friends, but it is challenging enough to perform well to it! Join now to try it yourself!

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