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Some projects are equally interesting for both children and adults. All games from the Talking Friends series prove it. Players enjoy interaction with various pets. And the Talking Ben entertainment is especially successful. Have you ever played with Tom the cat? Then you know that Ben is his best friend, and now you can also play with this cute dog and have much fun!


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Who is Ben?

As you have already understood, this character is a dog. He is a retired chemistry professor who now lives a quiet and comfortable life in a cozy house. Most of the time he spends with his favorite newspaper. Nothing can distract the hero from this hobby. But you can still try to attract his attention and spend a great time together. If you want to talk to Ben, touch his paw – he will stop reading. Like his friend Tom, this cute dog understands human language. He can repeat words after you in a funny voice, he can also respond to some of your questions. You can make Ben eat and drink, talk to him on the phone, poke him in the paws and stomach and tickle him. But do not think you can fully control this character – Ben is quite a stubborn personage – he can be lazy, dirty or just ignore your requests to communicate. When the dog is in this mood, he will disobey and grimace a lot! But still, sometimes he is bored to be alone, so the pet will be happy to have a new friend and will even be ready to teach you lots of thrilling things!

Visit Ben’s laboratory!

Being a pro a chemistry, Ben still keeps his own laboratory in a working state. And he adores when someone wants to share his hobby and visit his favorite place. Here, Ben likes to conduct experiments and mix various chemicals. You will have an exclusive chance to observe funny and unexpected reactions and, sometimes, even explosions. You will brush up your chemistry knowledge and learn a lot of new useful things. The game allows you to record all experiments and upload them to YouTube, share them on Facebook, and even send them by email to your friends! The only thing you should avoid is to ignore your new friend for too long. It will make Talking Ben feel very upset and abandoned. Once you get acquainted with this cute hero, make sure you can devote enough time to him every day. Go through different adventures with your new pet and make your life much brighter! You will enjoy this incredible interaction with smart Ben! Don’t waste time, start it now!

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